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OMGs, have *I* got a story for you!!! I had to stop by the Casey's today in Stuart (it used to be a Prairie Dog truck stop, but when Casey's bought it they took out the popular condom dispenser in the Mens' Room!); I was there picking up a pizza for my younger brother. Anyway, I went to the bathroom and stood at the urinal to pee when a guy walked in (not bothered by, but not turned off by the fact that I don't wear any underwear!). I had no idea who he was: he was just some older gentleman (late 40s, perhaps, with a youthful face), wearing a deep blue shirt, tight denim pants, and a cowboy hat; oh, he also had a mustache. Anyway, he unzipped his fly and HAULED out (or fished out) what has to be the largest flaccid penis that I have *EVER* seen on a man outside of porn! It was definitely 7 or even 8 inches long, but it was the girth that made me audibly gasp, and begin to salivate! If you took your thumb and your pointer-finger ("first finger" when counting starting at #1) and made a circle with it, his Cock would still be thicker than the ring you just made. Now, if you open up your fingers by about 3/4 to one full inch you've have the girth of his meat. DAYUM! I can just imagine how hefty his nuts must be. Oh, and I hadn't noticed before, but when he zipped back up, there was a massive bulge in his pants! Sweety, I just had to share this amazingly delicious news with you, from one cock-hound to another. I just seem to have this "compulsion" that compels me to go down on either a seriously well endowed man, or a rock hard Cock, regardless of the owner. :o) Fuck, I'm horny right now, and in a seriously slutty mood! I'll def. be thinking about him tonight, pumping his Daddy Batter deep into my hungry cunt...

I was also a bit intimidated by his meat, so I actually started to JO a bit to plump myself up...unconscious, at first, until I realized what I was doing. I can imagine all the guys at his High School locker room practically bowing and getting out of his way at the sight of him striding through naked. A few years back someone told me that he observed this sort of behavior at his local gym's locker room: the guys would sort of get out of the way--almost unconsciously--of the hung guys, showing them a sort of deep respect, or whatever. Somehow words fail me to explain it any better than that acquaintance did years back.

I also wonder if Cocks like that grow in his family, and if he inherited it from his Dad! And, if so, does his Dad know? ;o) (Kinky, I know. LOL!) And, did his dad have any special talk with him about being so well-endowed? Other guys might feel bad they can't compare, after all. Heck, I knew one guy who told me that his Dad gave him advise on how to have sex, because big Cocks run in their family, and they had to insure that the women they were breeding were dripping wet before they laid their pipe into 'em. Hmmm....I wonder how big a penis like what I saw tonight gets when it's erect, anyway?

BTW, some months back I was also in this same restroom and this guy (whom I wouldn't have given the time of day...he was absolutely appalling: ruddy complexion as if he had severe rosacea, and he was extremely obese), he kept checking out my Cock rather obviously! I was so flattered by the attention (because he was so obvious about it) that I started to give him a show by JO in front of him, so he just kept watching, until he zipped up (he didn't pee), washed and left. It was weird that he didn't make any sort of a move, though. Not that I'd fuck him, or let his lips near my Cock (that's how repulsive he was, physically), but if I was horny enough I *might* have let him give me a hand-job.
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